Back To School


I cannot believe it is time to go back to school !

With September here it signals the beginning of getting back to reality and the “grind “ after enjoying the summer months. It is time to get the kids ready for a succesful school year and getting yourself organized to end the year smoothly. Here are some tips to help you achieve this.

1- Re-establish Routines:
– Do all of your prep work on Sunday nights. Pick 5 outfits plus an extra one just in case it is needed for the week. This will save you a lot time and hassles in the mornings.
– Make sure that all sports gear is packed and ready to go and that all uniforms are clean and easily available.
– Have a family calendar in a visible place to keep track of all appointments and activities.
– Schedule all school pick ups needed for the week.
– Schedule all babysitting ahead of time.
– Plan your meals for the week

2- Designante a Work Zone:
– Create a work area for you and your children. Create a command center for yourself. This is where you will keep all incoming and outgoing paper, mail, your computer and and office supplies needed. For the children you want to create a very open and clutter free area where they can sit and do their homework and will not be distracted easily.

3- Check all of your Electronic Devices:
– Make sure that all computers are up and running. If they need a little tune up make sure to take them in now to have them up and running for the school year. Check phones and tablets, delete apps no longer used, old photos and files to create more memory space.
A good app to use to store images and files that you would like to keep is dropbox.

Happy organizing and have a great school year!

As always please reach out if you have any questions.
I have many surprises coming very soon ☺

” Everything in your home should reflect your vision for the life you want ”
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