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Stress-Free Holiday Season


Let’s have a Stress-Free Holiday Season
With so many invitations, places to go to, and friends and family to visit this time of year can be very stressful.
I have some tips so that you can do it all and enjoy yourself through out the process.
The first thing that you have to do is PLAN.
Take out a notepad and write it all out. What kind of holiday do you want you and your family to experience this year.
Once you have that figured out then follow these simple steps.
Start Early:
– Start your decorating now; this weekend is the time for your outdoor and indoor decorating.
– This week pick your holiday picture and card. Create them yourself or place that order now. You want to send them out no later than next week.
– Get to the post office and get stamps, remember the nice ones always sell out fast. Get your mailing list in order and print out your labels.
– Plan your meals ahead of time. Stock up on everything that you need and pick one day and cook meals ahead of time or better yet hire someone that will come to your home and cook your meals for the whole week.
– Baking- if you are a baker buy and gather all of your supplies in a basket and make this a family event. Put on some holiday music maybe have an adult beverage ☺ and bake away with friends and family.
– Make sure your holiday gift list is completed. Carry it with you that way you can get things from your list at anytime.
Most importantly give yourself a deadline and only do things that you like.
I hope you have enjoyed my tips. Please email me with any questions and until next time…
Happy Organizing ☺
” Everything in your home should reflect your vision for the life you want “

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