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Something has to Change !

Bonnie Change

Something has to Change and Change starts with Me !!!!!
Feeling overwhelmed like there just isn’t enough time in the day to do everything on your “ To Do “ list or to do the things that you just want to do?
Well that was me about 3 weeks ago!
I was back from a two week vacation had tons of laundry to do, a stack of mail to go thru, clients to see and follow-up with, get my daughter adjusted back to school, get up to speed with all of her activities….. it was never ending.
I woke up one day and said enough.
Something has to change and change starts with me !!!!
I called my trusted and much loved cleaning lady and did a thorough spring-cleaning / releasing of my home.
While she was cleaning I was releasing items that had served its purpose, no longer served me and was just taking up space for new and better things that needed to come into my life and home.
After we were done it felt great. No wait it was EXHILARATING, it felt like a new home and I felt like a new person. I even purged my closet and got rid of two bags of clothes that no longer represented me.
I now had more space, clarity, and simplicity, room to think and enjoy my home.
Simplicity is the way to go. It should be everyone’s goal.
By simplifying our life’s we reduce stress, tension, and that feeling of not having enough time to do what we really want to do.
So my question for you is: What is just ONE thing that you can do everyday to simplify your life?
It only takes one action a day, one new behavior each day to create a new healthy habit.
So what are you waiting for start now !

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5 Things We Learned About Organizing a Shared Closet

bonie closet

5 Things We Learned About Organizing a Shared Closet

As an organizational expert, Bonnie Barrios creates serenity out of chaos for her clients, organizing almost every room in their homes from kitchens to playrooms. But one of her favorite projects is a closet makeover. “Working with small spaces can be a bit challenging but there are always creative ways to make everything fit and look good,” explains Barrios. Here, she shares her top 5 tips for creating and organizing a shared closet that you’ll both love.

1. Clear It Out
“Before I start any closet project with a client, the first thing we do is a major purge,” explains Barrios. She advises that cleaning out everything you don’t want and don’t use, will give you not only a clean slate but also a fresh perspective so you can properly plan the new space. Most clients are comfortable with the “one-year” rule: if they haven’t used it in more than one year, it’s time to toss it.

2. Divide the Space
This is a challenge that is unique to every couple. “The majority of the time I have one neat freak and one messy person who are a couple,” says Barrios. “I once had a client who worked in the fashion industry and he had an amazing collection of cashmere sweaters, so he actually needed more space than his wife.” Once you decide who needs how much space, it’s easier to organize that space. Measuring the closet is the next essential step in order to determine the correct sizes for everything from rods, to shelves and baskets.

3. Define the Space
“When you are working with minimal space, it’s more challenging, but there are always ways to make it better,” Barrios points out. “If you have an apartment with high ceilings, always take advantage of the vertical space,” she explains, “Double bars going completely across the closet would be ideal; he can use the top rod and she can use the bottom one.” Or if you have a deeper closet, extend the depth of the shelves in order to layer your items, with labeled boxes for out-of-season clothes behind the pieces you are wearing now, in front.

4. Design the Space
“Shelf dividers are a must, notes Barrios, “they hold folded clothes together neatly, and keep items from falling over when you pull something out.” Barrios also suggests buying a double-duty item like an over-the-door organizer. “I am obsessed with this product,” she raves, “the pockets are different sizes and can hold so many different items like scarves, socks, pocket books, hats or jewelry.”

5. Be Creative
Although it can be overwhelming, reorganizing your closet shouldn’t be a boring chore. And there are lots of DIY projects that can bring your personal style and taste to your space. One of Barrios’s favorites: make your own tie and belt (or purse and scarf) rack. “This is an amazing space saver and so easy to make. All you need are some command hooks and a rod of your choice, and voilà, you have a tie and belt hook,” like this DIY “Gentleman’s Valet”.

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Closets, Closets and more Closets

Closets, Closets and more Closets

Closets, Closets and more Closets

De-clutter your closets for an easy and stress free morning!

Imagine waking up in the morning opening your closet door and everything inside is organized by color, category and every piece of clothing in the closet fits you great. Yes, it is possible and it can happen to you! I know that keeping an organized closet and knowing what to keep or throw out can be very overwhelming. I am here to help and give you tips on how to get your closet in order.

You want to give yourself a designated amount of time. Set a timer for 1 or 2 hours, this way it is manageable and you won’t get overwhelmed
Get 2 large bags one for items that you are throwing out and one for donations. This is a good opportunity to pick an organization of your choice to donate your gently used clothes.
Now, go thru every piece of clothing in your closet and decide, do I keep, toss or donate
If you have nice designer pieces that you no longer want you can consign them and make some money ☺
Rule of thumb in re: to classic pieces, they will always be classic so keep them.
If you have any wire hangars from the cleaners please toss or take them back to the cleaners.
I don’t recommend plastic hangars they are bulky and don’t keep the clothes in good conditions. I love the thin ones and they are space savers.
If you haven’t worn a piece in the last 2-3 years (I am being very generous here) please donate. Chances are you are never going to wear it.
Only keep the clothes that truly fit you and that make you feel good.
Pieces that have special meaning to you store in an acid free box, which will preserve them.

Good luck de-cluttering your closet! If you followed all of the steps above your closet should be more spacious and only have the items that you love and make you feel and look great.

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