What they are saying!

“I wanted help with de-cluttering and organizing my home, when I met Bonnie Barrios (an amazingly, talented woman), she not only helped me with the physical aspects of clearing my space, but helped me to realize what was not supporting me in my own personal transformation.”
– Elise, NYC

“Her light, loving energy, enthusiasm, and passion makes you want to change. She has a great sense of style, and has helped me to look and feel my best. She is serious and genuine, in helping people and working with her makes you want to challenge yourself to be the best you can be.”
– Yesenia, Valley Stream, NY

“I highly recommend working with her if you want to move forward and make changes in your life.”
– Gladys, NYC

“If you are you planning on moving, downsizing your living space, or going through a major life transition, then you’ve found a great resource to help you!”
– David, NYC

“Bonnie Barrios is an organizational expert with over 10 years’ experience. Consider her your cleansing clutter coach! She has a unique talent to create and infuse serenity in your home or office. whole time unpacking and being logical and sensible on what to keep and deciding where things would go best.”
– Tania E. Montclair, New Jersey

“She will organize every single corner of your home and will create systems that work specifically for you and your needs.”
– Seneka, NYC

“I had the pleasure of hiring Bonnie to help me reorganize when I moved to New York. Over a period of about six months, we sorted through enormous amounts of paperwork and other things and created a new space that suited my needs.”
– Misty, Brooklyn, New York

“Bonnie was a delight to be with because her personality lends itself to making people feel at ease and her positive attitude was contagious. She is also very efficient and had many suggestions I would not have thought of on my own. I found her to be extremely professional and I have highly recommended her to anyone who has asked about such services.”
– Swaha, NYC

“I look forward to working with you on MANY more projects, you’ve got spunk and beauty and charm by the bundle, oh yeah…and are good at what you do- organizing!! …and getting the job done! Thanks for being you! xC”
– Cheryl Terrace

“My pleasure having you here. And Thank YOU! I too enjoy our taking time and am grateful for your support. I also feel like cleaning out the closet has lifted a weight.”
– Sara, NYC

“Thank you for today, and (always) for your patience, wisdom, and clarity – through that chaos. Thank you for being you. Much appreciated.”
– xc

“What a wonderful surprise for me to come home to an enchanting closet!”
– Marmur, NYC

“My husband and I are expecting our first baby and desperately needed to convert our home office into a nursery. No easy feat in a condo, so needless to say we were overwhelmed! We were so grateful to have Bonnie come to our home and help us create an action plan to de-clutter, and organize our rooms in preparation for our new arrival. She was amazing! Not only did she bring a wealth of ideas and expertise in how to rearrange furniture, simplify our lives, how and where to purchase wallet friendly storage containers, but she did this all with such a calmness that really put as at ease.”
– Samantha, Mahwah, New Jersey

“I would highly recommend Bonnie for any organizational tasks in your home, she is pleasant to work with and extremely efficient. She can help you decide what to keep, pitch, donate or even suggest the possibility of selling at a consignment shop. I noticed that she was very motivating so even after she left, I would go through other spaces, closets and take her tips.”
– Dottie, Mahwah, New Jersey

“Bonnie gets to the heart of the matter in record time. She will have you on track and inspired in one session. A real find, Bonnie…”
– Connie, Fort Lee, New Jersey

“Working with Bonnie has made such a difference in my home and in my life. She is direct with out being bossy and is skilled at breaking large projects into manageable tasks. She even manages to make boring projects fun. I am so glad I found her and that we started working together.”
– Carrie, Montclair, New Jersey